Promoting interculturalism, tolerance and diversity in the learning process

Teaching techniques: 2. COMPLETE THE IMAGE

Learning objectives:

To introduce image work,

To develop the imagination as a source of inspiration,

To make physical use of our bodies to create and to develop observation.


The necessary time will vary depending on the number of participants but is estimated between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Necessary materials:


Description of the activity:

  1. The participants are invited to form a circle. The educator stands in the center of the circle and asks for a volunteer.
  2. The volunteer stands in front of the educator and they shake hands and freeze in mid-action. The educator explains that they are frozen and with their bodies they are making a still picture or image.
  3. The educator then steps out of the image and the participant continues to remain frozen like a statue.
  4. A second person now enters the image and “completes” it by striking a different pose. This person has to place himself/herself within the image and make a shape with his/her body that compliments and gives meaning to the first shape. Once the second person has entered and frozen in the image the first person steps out.
  5. Everyone now looks at the new image and a third person enters by making a shape that compliments and gives meaning to the shape or image already there. Again the image is held for a moment and the second person sits down leaving the third person in a new image to which a fourth person enters and so on. The exercise has to continue until everyone in the group has entered at least once.
  6. When the last two persons are reached, both of them stay in the image and the educator asks all the other group members to join the image one by one and to complete a group image. When everyone is inside the still image, each person is invited to reflect on who they might be within the image and what is the story of the image.