Promoting interculturalism, tolerance and diversity in the learning process

Teaching techniques: 1. Culture Shock Name Game

Learning Objectives:

To provide a fun way to learn names and introduce cultural diversity.


The necessary time will vary depending on the number of participants but is estimated around 30 minutes.

Necessary Materials:


Description of the activity:

  1. The facilitator starts by explaining to the group that there are many different cultural greetings (e.g. handshake).
  2. Everyone walks around the room, mingling and shaking hands with everyone they meet. People move from person to person with the greeting “Hi, my name is…” saying their first and second name, making direct eye contact and accompanied by the handshake.
  3. The facilitator calls “freeze” and introduces the next cultural greeting, which is to stick out your tongue (a tradition of some Tibetan tribes). Again, everyone mingles and greets each other with “Hi, my name is…” accompanied by sticking out your tongue. Two more cultural greetings are introduced, whereas the facilitator encourages the participants to exaggerate all the greetings. Then the participants are asked for suggestions on a final cultural greeting that they may know of or to create their own variation.
  4. The facilitator starts a discussion at the end of the exercise by asking for comments and feedback on the different cultural greetings. Can the group identify any other cultural greetings? The facilitator introduces the terms culture and cultural diversity.